About Alex

Alex Duncan is the author of a number of technical publications on the effects of sound-waves on the brain. He graduated in 2001 from the University of Glasgow, Scotland with a PhD in EEG Pattern Classification for the Brain Computer Musical Interface. A multi-instrumentalist, Alex composes and records music in his spare time.

Alex began his study of Ayurveda with Dr Donn Brenan of the UK. Since his installation in France in 2001 he has worked with Vaidya Atreya Smith, Dr Sunil V. Joshi, Dr Robert Svoboda and David Frawley. He has been teaching Ayurveda since 2002 with Atreya Smith and has written a beginners course on Ayurveda. He is currently the primary teacher for the European Institute of Vedic Studies in France.

Alex Duncan practices Yoga regularly since 1991 and has studied with a number of internationally known yoga and mantra teachers such as: Muz Murray (UK), David Svenson (USA), Peter Sterios (USA) and John Evans (UK).

Alex Duncan is responsible for educational development for the European Institute of Vedic Studies. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the development of modern teaching methods including; interactive student based learning, curriculum management, work groups, and most recently the development of the EIVS E-Learning teaching platform. With his doctorate in engineering he is highly qualified to find new and innovative methods of teaching. He is highly regarded as an exceptional teacher due to his nine years of undergraduate work and teaching at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He is married and has two young daughters.