Shiva & Shakti Go For A Stroll

Walking along the way, hand in hand

Am I leading or following or both? Walking side by side we are both sensing each others gait. Micro-adjustments. Focus is on sensing the speed of your partner. Slight increases and decreases in speed. It’s a mindful activity. No one is leading. No one is following. Both are happening simultaneously.

Stopping and starting

While going along the way, Shakti will stop and start, no particular fixed objective, just pure spontaneous curiosity in action. Shakti will want Shiva’s presence. Shiva, who typically sets direction, purposeful flow, might become disturbed by Shakti’s sporadic stopping and starting.

Both Shiva and Shakti need to understand this danse is a necessity. Shiva is eyes without legs. Shakti is legs without eyes. In Shakti, I will be frequently distracted and fascinated by many things along the way. In Shiva I will be focussed on the way and less interested in the distractions.

Shiva and Shakti are invited to give their gifts to one and the other, continuously. Shiva can give his presence to Shakti and allow her the free-chaos-flow leading them into many excursions and deviations along the way. Shakti can give her radiance to Shiva granting him full responsibility to channel her energy along the focused flow of the way.

If both parties can practice simultaneous presence and radiance and allow for a flux between directed flow and diverted or chaotic flow, then both parties will experience satisfaction.

Give and take !

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