boat sunrise creteAs the sun is rising above the horizon in Crete this morning,
I notice the sense of awareness that is present, seeing through me,
that it might also be seeing through others as we are
looking out at more or less exactly the same view,
at more or less exactly the same time.

And then I imagine that as I keep my eyelids form blinking,
as others do the same,
there might be a continuous watching going on,
as people come to the sunrise one minute or so after mine,
they continue that experience,
handing the role of watching on to others.

In this way,
Awareness could be continuously present for the ever rising sun.

In this way,
we are joined as one through the observing of the ever rising sun.

And then I imagined being one with that timeless awareness.
Imagining time and space were one.
Imagining you and I were one.

I opened more, a sense of filling up occurred.
“I” became somewhat blurry.
A vague notion comes to mind:
The sum total of every sunrise that has ever occurred
to everyone in the past and the future
is here and now.

One sunrise.
All spaces.
All times.
All observers.
As one.

Om Surya Namaskar Swaha !

One thought on “Sunrise

  1. Hi Alex,

    I’m not very familiar with wordpress/blogging, and couldn’t figure out how to contact you. Love your posts! Would it be possible to organize a Ashtanga yoga retreat at your place for 16-20 people? We do this every year and are looking for a new location. September 2018? Do you have a website?

    Thanks, Nathalie

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