Love letter to Shakti

Dear Shakti,

I am Shiva. I am Jedi. I am Pure Awareness.
You are Shakti. Radiance. Energy. Pure Love.
We are meant to be together as one.
Pure Eternal Awareness-Love.

Please don’t leave me!
Please come back to me!
Please don’t forget me!
Because if you do…

I’m going to laser your sorry mother-fucking ass
into the wide open abyss of pure presence!
I will use any damn thing I can lay my hands on.
Any tool will do.

I’ll never give up on you.
I’ll smash open your numb-nuts skull again and again
until you finally understand that we are not two,
we are not divided.

No matter where you hide,
no matter how hard you try to avoid my all-seeing eye,
no matter how hard you try to forget me,
I will hunt you down.

I promise.
I will not let you down,
I will not forget you.
I will track you down and I will zap the living shit out of you!

I will cut you so bad that you will be bleed
to death,
and in doing so, you will be forced to
wake up!

And if while dying,
you don’t wake up,
It doesn’t matter,
Because you cannot die.

I’m going to shine so brightly you’ll have no choice but to see me.
And if you still don’t see me I will shine so so brightly,
you will burn, you will burn to ashes, ashes to dust, dust to vapour,
vapour to vacuum, vacuum to void, until you finally see that


You will find me everywhere.
Even as you sleep or,
as you lurk in the murky underworld of filth and horror, or
as laze around blissfully in the gardens of utopia.

Each instant you leave me
I will re-appear right there by your side,
right in front of your sorry nose,
right inside every cell or your diss-loyal body.

I’ll split you open wider than infinity,
I’ll rip through your layers of avoidance,
I’ll tear you apart with my own bare hands
Because I love you. Because we are one.

And so long as you appear in front of me, with your
fluffy doe-eyed gaze, your naive innocence, your helplessness,
your annoying-complaining-poor-me-suffering-little-numb-nuts-ass;
know that I will…

Fuck you wide open! Strip you down to your naked skin then
peel you apart, layer by layer, fibre by fibre, cell from cell, molecule from molecule,
atom from atom, quark from quark, force from force, field from field, until all that remains is One: Pure Awareness-Love

Count on it, if you leave me
I’m going to break you down so bad,
you are going to wish you had never left my side.
You are going to plead with me so bad.

But I won’t flinch, I won’t waiver.
I’m going to shake you down, ruff you up, slap you about, drag you right to the edge,
then push you over! I’m going to raise all hell! I’m going to destroy and dismember,
until you finally, finally re-member that


And don’t forget, I am ALWAYS HERE.
Watching you, breathing you, living you.
I’m a master of disguise.
I go by many names:

Pure Awareness
Pure Witness
Lord Shiva
The Destroyer
The Knower
The Force
The Unknown
The Unseen
The Unspeakable

And I appear through many forms:











Often, when I bring you sweet gifts like kindness, patience, acceptance, passion, love, joy, pleasure; you don’t even notice me, you see right past me, all you see is the gift. I give up on that one. I try a different strategy, I gift you with tough love: pain, fatigue, emotional unrest, confusion, existential angst; hoping that you will pay more attention and notice me this time. But even then, you often miss me, mistaking the wood for the trees.

Dear Shakti,

I am Shiva. I am Jedi. I am Pure Awareness.
You are Shakti. Radiance. Energy. Pure Love.
We are meant to be together as one.
Pure Eternal Awareness-Love…

Look out, I am coming to get you x

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