No Appropriate Title

Alternative titles for this short article could be:

“What is awareness? (really Alex, not again!)”


“Lucy, stop hiding from non-duality, it is not the ‘I’m pressing the escape key’ that you think it is! (Even if it looks that way in some cases, because it was only a half-kneeded loaf of bread”


“Even if this creationist slant on reality turns out to be a pile of crud, it’s a great way to start the day and an even better way to let go of life (before death) and to stop trying to control life merely from the level of the thinking mind. I’m not saying that we should 100% trust our intuition nor have blind faith in “God”. I’m saying we should decide to go beyond the marvellous wonders of rationality, logic and the modern theoretical and applied sciences that treat the objective exterior physical world. we should go further into the interior inner subject world and exhaust it’s relative reality. And maybe then, the two can come together and meet in the middle….”

Ok… I often ask myself questions like:


Then I go off on one, performing a kind of introspective mathematical derivation. For example…

The fundamental building blocks of the universe (space-time-matter-fields) are born out of pure spirit or pure awareness (which looks like void or emptiness) via the intermediary of universal mind, which unfolds as the universal laws of nature or physics. This process is called involution or creation.

With this starting point established, the fundamental laws, fields, forces start to interact under the influence of universal mind which is appearing in the ground of pure awareness. As such, a grand process of emergence of matter takes place. Matter and energy begin to organise into increasingly complex and nuanced entities. Eventually this gives rise to biological evolution on our planet, of which we are a product.

Our body (form / matter) is born of awareness and evolved out of matter, but cannot sense itself as such.

Bioenergy is born of awareness and evolved out body, but cannot sense itself as such. It can only sense body.

Emotion is born of awareness and evolved out of bioenergy, but cannot sense itself as such. It can only sense bioenergy and body.

Thought is born of awareness and evolved out of emotion, but cannot sense itself as such. It can only sense emotion, bioenergy and body.

Self-Awareness is born out of awareness and evolved through thought, but cannot sense itself as such. It can only sense thought, emotion, bioenergy and body.

Awareness is the unborn, it cannot sense itself objectively. And yet, by it’s very nature as presence, it possesses a sense of beingness, or suchness. And due to its innate curiosity and creativity, it creates a universe out of nothing so that it has something objective to see and feel.

So awareness can only objectively sense self-awareness, thought, emotion, bioenergy and body.

In the natural world of manifest form, only certain products of evolution are complex enough (sensitive enough) to give rise to thought and self-awareness. As far as we know, we are one example of an organism that has the potential to realise our true self nature, pure awareness. That is to say, we have a clearly developed subject-object view of: the world (and it’s building blocks), our bioenergy, our emotions, our thoughts, our subtle self-sense (free-will). But most importantly, beyond this seeing of body, energy, emotion, mind and soul, we seem to be able to fold our very own witnessing awareness into itself. Think of this as being a bit like a lump of dough slowly needing itself, dough falling into its very own doughiness!

When this happens, we are realising our true nature as pure awareness, as spirit. And if this awareness of “awareness as awareness” continues for long enough, we will end up feeling everything is awareness. Form as awareness and awareness as form. Body, life, emotion, thought, intuition, pure volition, free-will; all of these are felt as none other than pure awareness. As such, we feel that we are one with all of nature. One Life (with a capital L) living itself as awareness. The duality of subject-object dissolves into Non-duality-in-action. Experiencer and experienced merge into one Experiencing.

Thanks to us, and no doubt other sufficiently nuanced and sensitive beings in the universe, a loop is created. Pure awareness “seeing” itself through the vehicle of our amazing and sensitive body-mind-soul organisms.

Knowing this, and knowing that everything about me depends on a cycling cascade of cause and effect, from void through the covariant quantum field, through matter, through biological life, through my human mind and soul, right back to the source of it all, right back to the doorstep of my true home: awareness … wow ! For all of this I am un-quantifiabley grateful. And with that sense of profound gratitude for this life, for this awareness, all I want to do is to share it as presence, as aliveness, as love.


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