Who Am I? What Am I?


Reality is composed of Supreme Self

Though devoid of properties, man gives it the property of Beingness.

Beingness is sometimes referred to as Suchness.

So Supreme Self simply exists.

It does not need anything.

It is in and of itself complete.

And it has always existed and it will always exist.

In this sense, it is beyond all form, beyond space and time.

It simply IS.

And since Supreme or Ultimate Self is the highest or most fundamental ingredient of existence, it is often named True Self.

Nothing exists outside of or beyond True Self.

When Supreme Self is sleeping, nothing manifests. No subject. No object.

Confusion begins when we make a statement like this. Because from our own limited experience of life, we cannot grasp the idea that something can exist if it is unseen. And yet, as we are seeing through modern physics, there is much more going on beyond our awareness than we think.

When Supreme Self begins to wake up, it appears as Supreme Oneness or Supreme Wholeness. And yet, this Oneness contains the seeds of duality: Supreme Subject (Shiva) and Supreme Object (Shakti), who are bound together in Supreme Intimacy. Awareness-Energy intimately compressed into a single infinitesimal point of pure awareness, infinite density and infinite energy: pregnant with infinite creative potential. 

While Supreme Subject and Supreme Object exist, they are not considered to be fully manifest. They exist side by side in a peaceful, stable state. In this state they are often referred to as Pure Latent Awareness and Pure Latent Energy-Matter.

(At this point it is useful to personify these supreme notions. Let’s call Supreme Awareness “Presence” and Supreme Energy “Love/Attraction”. In Vedic mythology these two are often personified as the Gods of “Shiva” and “Shakti”. Shiva is thought of as all-seeing-awareness, Shakti as all-loving-radiance.)

Now that Supreme Self is fully awake as Supreme Intimacy (a Singularity) a remarkable thing takes place…


Shiva and Shakti are in a fusional intimacy, and while they are perfectly balanced, they are also inseparably close! In fact, they are so close, they are one and the same.


And yet, despite their fusional oneness, they are both secretly longing to experience each other in full colours. Shiva, as presence-attention, is curious to see and feel Shakti’s full radiance and love in all its glory. While Shakti, as resplendent-radiance-love, is longing to feel Shiva’s presence-attention permeate her as she flows and radiates.


And so the dance begins. This innate latent polarity causes a subtle rift or disturbance in the perfect balance of their perfect communion. And as such, Oneness, Singularity unfolds into the realm of the manifest. 


The fusional steadiness of wholeness becomes unsteady and fragmented as it unfolds into an infinite number of wavelets (wave-particles of awareness-curiosity-presence and energy-matter-radiance-love).

No doubt in reality things are more nuanced and weird than this. Still, it has been fun to probe.



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