It’s all a game!

FACILITATOR: “Why do you like to play games?

VOICE OF VATA: “I play for the stimulation, excitement, for something new.

VOICE OF PITTA: “I play to win, for the challenge, there’s no point playing otherwise!

VOICE OF KAPHA: “I play for company, I like the routine, it’s comforting.


FACILITATOR: What about the rules?

VATA: “I’ll figure them out as we go along, we can always improvise, come on, let’s get started! Do we have to go over the rules again? So what if we mess it up this time, we can always have another go, or even try another game, hell this one already sounds boring!

PITTA: “I’ll read over the rules carefully, read over them again, then make sure everyone else understands them too. If they don’t, too bad, they should have been paying more attention!

KAPHA: “I’ll ask someone else to figure out the rules then explain them to me as simply as possible. If I don’t understand, that OK, it not really about winning for me. If we play often enough, I’ll get them eventually.


FACILITATOR: “When don’t you like playing games?

VATA: “When they move to slowly, when people take it too seriously, when we play the same games again and again.

PITTA: “When the others don’t take it seriously or don’t try their best to win. What’s the point in that?

KAPHA: “When people get all worked up over the details. I can’t stand a bad looser, they spoil it for everyone else.



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