Voices of the Doshas

When asked what they think about such and such, this and that, the voices of the Doshas reply in the following order with :

VATA “I dunno! It’s neither good nor bad. Perhaps it’s both. I don’t no. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s bad. It depends. So I kind of don’t care. On the whole I’m  detached. Some call me unsteady, unsure, dismissive, hypocritical… whatever!”

PITTA “Listen, I’ll only say this the once! This is good because of blah blah blah. And that is bad because of blah blah blah. I understand, I’ve got the answers. I know right from wrong. Some call me opinionated, obstinate, controlling. That may be so, but I know I’m right!”

KAPHA “um…. give me a minute… Well, I’d say I prefer this over that. But if it keeps the peace, I’ll keep it to myself, or let you have your way. Ultimately it’s all good for me  so long as no one gets hurt. Some say I’m too forgiving, too generous, a walk over. They are probably right, but when they’ve all left and gone, I’ll be the one who’s left picking up the pieces!”


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