Utsaha (Enthusiasm)

Poem / thought streams for UTSAHA (a function that Vata Dosha provides)

Utsaha …. Enthusiasm …

What do you want now in your life?
What do you want to receive?
What do you want to give?
What do you want to become?
What choice are you waiting to make?
Reach UP and find out !
Bring out your dansing shoes.
Jump up and wake up.
Danse this moment.
Make contact with your aspirations
Danse into the fire.
Danse into the heat of your truth.
Feel your direction. Danse into your purpose.
Offer your aliveness into the fire of the danse.
Let the heat transform you.
Move you. Free you. To become yourself.
Then let go.
Let go.
Surrender all control.
Accept this moment.
Trust in your deepst heart.
Relax. Loosen up.
Let the danse of life danse you.
Let life live you.
No effort is needed.

Find what you like.
Understand why you like it.
Movement? Sensation?
Truth? Freedom? Understanding?
Love? Connection? Caring?
Live it. Give it.
Live through it.
Go deeper.
Go past it.
Layers of purpose.
Until you arrive home.
Home in your deepest heart.
Then give.
Continue to give.
Give the gifts
Of your deepest heart.

5 thoughts on “Utsaha (Enthusiasm)

  1. thank you Alex, it ‘s exactly what I needed right now…! bises à toi et à la famille

  2. This arrived at a much needed time. Today i will sit with these words, then I will begin my dance, Alex thank you

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