Where’s the toothpaste?

Perfectionist Pitta has hidden the new tubes of toothpaste. Forgetful and lazy Vata-Kapha is about to brush his teeth and sees that the toothpaste tube is nearly empty. He fumbles around in the cupboard below the sink to find a new tube. Sassy and intolerant Pitta comments “what you looking for?”. Sky Vata-Kapha says “the toothpaste”.

Smug Pitta: “i’ve hidden the new tubes because people keep opening new ones before the old ones are finished”

Sensitive Vata-Kapha: [pause, feeling a bit miffed and miss-understood] “…OK… wanna know why I was looking for it?”

Critical Pitta: “Sure, ‘cos you can’t be arsed squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste from the old tube?”

Sometimes careless but mostly caring Vata-Kapha: “Actually, I was looking to see if we had more. If we didn’t, I was going to just use salt so that you or the kids could make the most of what was left!”

Sheepish but cynical Pitta : “Oh really…. yeh right?”

Honest and slightly hypocritical Vata-Kapha : “really, though I admit to sometimes lazily not caring to totally finish the old tubes on occasion”

Moral of the story? Cause and Effect : the same outcome (effect) often has multiple or opposing causes.



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