Shit happens, whether you like it or not!

Everything that is appearing right now everywhere on this planet, everywhere in this solar system, everywhere in the multiverse, it is ALL an expression of Shakti. Everything that appears: every form, every flutter, every pulse of electromagnetic, gravitational or nuclear energy, every thought, emotion, every tingle, fart and sneeze. Ever human body and the current “shake twist and shout” of our Doshas (biological intelligence), Dhatus (body supports / tissues), Malas (wastes). Every photon of light, every flash of inspiration, everything that can be seen, felt, held (both physically and subtly); it is all matter and energy as one field of Shakti. Prakriti (latent matter in a pre-manifest hidden state) becomes manifest as one inseparable infinite field of energy appearing as matter in all its shapes and colours, including the appearance of space, time, and particles. Included in this dance of Shakti is everything shit that is happening right now everywhere!

It’s out of your control. So let it happen. Relax. Loosen. Be aware of it. Let it happen. It’s gonna happen whether you like it or not. Shit will happen again and again and again. So will all good things. Both are accepted. Both exist. Both are inevitable. Chaos. Order.

Enjoy it !



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