Three Pillars of Health

Ahara (food), sayana (sleep) and abrahmacarya (non-celibacy) properly indulged, support the body constantly just like the house (is supported) by the pillars. [AH.SS.CH VII. 52]

I’ve written before about the importance of food, sleep and sexuality; three areas of life to coax into harmony if you are keen to live as joyful health, and soften the inevitable process ageing. Ignore one of these ‘pillars’ and you’re likely to reach your forties frequenting the midlife crisis club!

Kiss me baby !

The solution? Kiss! i.e. “Keep It Simple Stupid”. It’s a great rule of thumb that’s worked well for me over the years. Just apply a generous dose of full-bodied awareness to your food-life, sleep-life and sex-life. Start with simple non-judgemental observation by putting more consciousness towards your art of eating, sleeping and sexing. The rest will follow. Learn how to give your fullest attention, your deepest presence, your heart cent redness, to these three essential expressions of your life-force; it’ll do you the world of good. No amount of medicine or esoteric distraction will prevent your body from exhaustion, stagnation and emptiness if you neglect these three supports.

Eat well! Sleep well! ….. 😉 


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