Stressed? Just Press Command-Z!

Something happens, you tighten up. A harsh sound, a gust of wind, a bright light. You clench, contract. The stressful event ends, but you’re still holding, tight. You repeat, day by day, week by week, year by year. Now, your body has learned to be tight, closed, numb.

Vata (the principle of movement) is disturbed (Ayurveda geek talk)

Your heart-feelings get hidden, wrapped in the grip of closure.

Your body becomes stiff, paining you into through increasingly deviated movements.

Your energy jolts and stumbles then vanishes in a puff of smoke.

You collapse. Your life force blackens. Your once-soft plumpness begins to shrivel.

Many diseases spring from this black-dry fountain. Stressful events are inevitable. Some effort can steer you away from them, so take it. But don’t become a life-avoider! Shrivelled in fear. Instead, learn to soften, unwind, loosen, open, melt, flow.

Each time you tense in response to a stimulus, learn to respond with a wilful “aaaah”. Loosen your jaw (yep – you’re gonna look like a plonker!). Loosen your tummy, your anus, your feet. For each tensing moment become velvet. Silken your nerves. Thread them through honey, then into the earth, release the cringe that hurries your coddled center.

Breathe fully. In and out. Filling then emptying the abdomen.

Treacle and blur your movements. Slow down, stop, then roll in back into action. 

Make sounds of pleasure, luxury and comfort.

The next time shit happens and you recoil in closure. Say to yourself “fuck it” ! Then relax. Open. Breath deep and slow, into your tummy. Shake that shit right back out. Breath it out, down through your legs to your feet then into the earth. Shudder it loose. Sigh and huff “haaaaaa”. Breath in deeply, light and love. Liquify your grip. Flop-out big-time. “Aaaah”. Rock and roll your hips, shoulders, head, wrists. “Mmmmmm” and “Aaaaaaah”. Purr. Smile. Shiver. Shake. Laugh. Click-Like-A-Dolphin!

Do “Command-Z” on yourself ! It really works !!!

For each time you have ever tightened, did you loosen? If not, you might now be a mid-life “tight ass” keeping your heart closed at a safe distance from anything fun or slightly dangerous. You no longer feel the thrill or pulse of aliveness that once swung you into action. Sound familiar (even a bit?) If so, you should stop work for a few weeks or months or years and learn to oleate that cranky cage, then shake your shit loose from it!

Breath loose. Move loose. Sound loose. 

Be present. Feel your tightness then loosen it. 


A lot. 

Then repeat some more !

(Inspired by 42 years of life plus a ton of David Deida)


4 thoughts on “Stressed? Just Press Command-Z!

  1. Who is David dieda? I really enjoyed reading this blog. You have a great way with words!

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