Sexuality & Ayurveda & Tantra

Dear readers. You may know that I’ve been exploring aspects of Tantric/Taoist Sexuality from the perspective of a monogamous heterosexual. My journey continues to unfold. It’s been delight on a number of levels.

Being naturally curious and in search of answers, my rational side keeps pestering me to explore ways in which Ayurveda might inform Tantric Sexuality and vice versa. Though it’s early days, I’ve begun to form a few preliminary ideas, which I would like to start sharing in future blogs (probably on my sister blog

As part of my enquiry, I hope to dialogue with relevant experts in the field of Tantric & Taoist Sexuality. I’d also like to question the readers of my Ayurveda blog to find out what their exposure and experience of Tantric Sexuality has been like. To this end, I’ve created a couple of  preliminary anonymous surveys / polls that I invite you to take part in…









Thanks for taking part !

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