Ayurvedic Prevention & Treatment of Tinnitus

Ayurvedic view of Tinnitus in a nutshell

Tinnitus is a Vata caused ear disease. Other ear conditions caused by Vata are excessive ear pain, drying of ear wax, thin scanty discharge, hearing loss. Internal dryness and long term aggravation of Apana Vayu and Prana Vayu are internal causes. External causes are overexposure to loud sounds, harsh sounds, as well as cold dry winds. Old age is also a time when Vata increases in all people which explains why it is especially prevalent in the elderly.

Simple Ayurvedic Prevention Measures for Tinnitus

Limiting the cause is of cause the first and last prevention treatment. With increasing use of low-quality mp3 audio devices and other harsh sound sources, parents need to go out of their way to educate children more so than ever in sound hygiene.

2-3 drops of raw organic sesame oil can be inserted into each ear at bed time. This treatment is suitable for all people of all ages assuming there is no underlying inner or outer ear infection or skin inflammation.

oiling ears(extract from Caraka Samhita)

Ayurvedic Treatment for Tinnitus

A general Ayurvedic evaluation should be done. If Vata is found to be aggravated in its primary location (the colon and pelvic region), therapies that treat Apana Vayu are necessary. Prana Vayu must also be evaluated and treated accordingly. See my article on Apana Vayu.

A disease specific treatment is the Ayurvedic medicated oil called KSHARA TAILAM (which can be sourced from certain Ayurvedic product suppliers). 2-3 drops of the warmed oil can be inserted into the ear canal at bed time.

ears 2

(extract from Caraka Samhita)

2 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Prevention & Treatment of Tinnitus

  1. Hi Alex,

    I was searching the web for articles on Ayurvedic treatments and ingredients and found your blog.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up on an article that I will be posting next week that I think would be a great addition to an upcoming blog post on Neem (if you’re interested of course!). It’s a quick list of 7 reasons why Neem needs to be adopted into our daily regimes for better health.

    Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in and I can send it your way to check out.

    Either way, keep up the great work!


    P.S. Kudos on the wonderful job you’re doing about spreading Ayurvedic awareness. It’s awesome!

  2. This information will help Tinnitus patients. My sister suffered chronic tinnitus for more than 47 years and it got worse as days passes. We tried many treatments but no result, she cry all time due to this symptoms and think to commit suicide as the noise get worsen. The noise is mostly of a ringing, roaring, buzzing and hissing type. It was constant 24/7. It is very bad affecting every aspect of her life. The sound becomes louder at night, at the time she goes to sleep. We just got a contact of Herbalist called Dr. William. His herbal (natural) medicine has cure my sister as she no more have any symptoms of Tinnitus, though it cost us a some cash but the good news is that she is happy now. If you have same problem, contact him for more info (drwilly37@gmail.com)

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