Ayurvedic Relief For Receding Or Fragile Gums

Gandusha (mouth gargling)

Gandusha (gargling of the mouth) should be done frequently, using cold water, this removes Kapha, thirst, dirt and cleanses the interior of the mouth. Gargling with comfortable warm water removes Kapha, loss of taste, dirt, diseases of the teeth and bestows lightness of the mouth. It is not advisable to persons suffering from poison, fainting, alcoholism, consumption, bleeding disease, inflammation of the eyes, loss of (depletion) of wasted and who are dry. (Excerpt from Bhāvaprakāśa ch.5)

Many ailments of the mouth, teeth and head can be avoided by regular gargling. In addition to plain water gargling, there is a particularly good daily habit that benefits all people, especially Vata types, called Gandusha Snehana (oily mouthwash or oil pulling). It helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and keep the mouth and jaw clean and nourished. It can even treat mouth ulcers and the like. Here is the procedure:

– Put into your mouth: 10 ml pure un-toasted sesame oil along with about 50 ml of warm water and a ¼ tsp of pure honey.
– Hold in mixture with your mouth closed. Do not swallow!
– Swish the mixture around from time to time.
– Spit out the mixture after 5-10 minutes, or as soon as you start to notice increased saliva secretions, or a secretion starting to come out of the back of your nasal cavity into the throat.
– Rinse out your mouth with a little warm water.


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