Bodaka Kapha

I am reading a book called “Curious Behavior: Yawning, Laughing, Hiccuping, and Beyond” by Robert R. Provine. Interesting that a substance called nerve growth factor (NGF) which is required for the development and survival of neurons, is found in highest concentration in the salivary glands. According to ayurveda, The subdosha of kapha that produces saliva is called ‘bodaka’ which means ‘provider of knowledge’. Need I say more!


5 thoughts on “Bodaka Kapha

  1. I loved reading this….when my son (who I think is an old soul and been around many times) was 3 years old he said to me once that when spit comes into your mouth that means your brain is thinking! your post reminded me of him saying that….I have often thought of that particularly when my mind is busy during meditation, and the need to swallow is present…that store bank of knowledge is not wanting to switch off! He knew all about bodaka intuitively.
    Thanks I am enjoying your posts

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