Long Term Raw Food Diet & Ayurveda – Part 1

I am preparing to write an article about long term raw food diets. Before I start if anyone wood like to share their experiences of a 100% longterm raw food approach (directly or people you know) I would love to hear your stories…



5 thoughts on “Long Term Raw Food Diet & Ayurveda – Part 1

  1. …you may wish to contact them http://www.rawsomehealthy.com/about-us/ ….or him http://kylevialli.com/ … or him http://www.therawchef.com/blog/ …the first 3 people i’ve met personally and learned a fair bit from, the last one i’ve not met, but do find his recipes inspiring :)…i ve been following a ‘relaxed’ raw & ‘relaxed’ vegan diet for about a year, since leaving a degree in Ayurveda last Summer & can report the following changes: my blood circulation has improved & i don’t feel as cold in the cold weather as i normally would; feel less bloated & with higher energy levels; the Streptococcal infection that persisted for about 2.5 years has cleared within a couple of months…

  2. I have personally met Paul and Yuliya from http://www.rawsomehealthy.com and spent quite a lot of time with them! they truly are 2 inspiring people! megan elizabeth.com, therawadvantage.com are also 2 more and there are a lot more if want to contact some people? I have been following a low fat raw vegan diet for 3 years now but due to my gypsy lifestyle and a lot of time at meditation ,I have not been 100% all the time. I have seen massive changes in my health. As I suffered with health problems, eating disorders and drug addictions for over 20yrs a raw vegan diet has helped to change my life a round. I have recovered from Type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue, serious digestive disorders, IBS, chronic acne and skin problems, systemic candida and PCOS has starting to balance itself out. I feel that raw foods are the ultimate foods to build a healthy body and fruit is the only food that has no toxic by products for a human. It gives the body the correct ‘raw materials’ to build a strong and healthy body. It

  3. Hi Alex, I’ve been raw for over 6 years (about 99% raw! I still drink herbal tea).
    Before going raw I had psoriasis and polycystic ovaries, both of which are long gone. I also started to suffer from seizures 3 years ago, due to a hormonal contraceptive coil I had in place and which had a huge effect on oestrogen and progesterone levels. I combated this with 80/10/10.
    If you feel any of this is worth sharing please email me šŸ™‚
    With love x

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