Food You Love To Look At

Food You Love

Food You Love

Ayurveda clearly states that our daily food should be pleasing to all of our senses and give easy-to-observe signs of health. Inspired by this sutra, last night’s dinner took on an additional visual dimension (see photo)

Importance of wholesome food: Such diets and drinks whose colour, smell, taste and touch are pleasing to the senses and conducive to the health, if taken in accordance with the [dietary] rules, in fact represent the very life of living beings. The effect of the use of such diets and drinks can be perceived directly. If consumed according to [dietary] rules, they provide fuel to the fire of digestion; they promote mental as well as physical strength, strength of tissue elements and complexion and they are pleasing to the senses. Otherwise they are harmful.

Charaka Samhita, Sutrasthana, CHAPTER XXVII (Properties of Diets & Drinks), Sutra 3



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