Rain and Doshas?

Question. What dosha would be aggravated by rainy weather that lasts for three weeks? Post your answers as comments and i will share my thoughts in one weeks time… Alex.


10 thoughts on “Rain and Doshas?

  1. Intuitively, I would think that Kapha would be aggravated by the rain, however my teachers have said Vata is the dosha that is most disturbed when it rains outside. I am sure both doshas get aggravated in some way because Vata and Kapha share the sheeta guna (cold quality). I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. 🙂

  2. Likewise kapha because rain is cold and damp (hmmm…although I say that from a British perspective!! Monsoon rain is warmer). I guess the coolness and motion would aggravate vata too.

  3. Kapha, especially the warm damp weather we are having here in the south of France during the day time as this is causing kapha to melt, Mind you, it is not just the rain, there is also the wind and the constant change in temperature, it keeps going from steamy warm to cool damp, so that would aggravate vata to some extent. Personnally, Vata seems quite soothed with all this wetness and plants in the garden are growing like mad which is an expression of kapha. Pitta also feels quite calm, I think that for a person whose doshas are reasonnably well balanced a damp spring like this shouldn’t create too much of a problem and it’s a nice hought that water supplies will be good for the summer in a land that quite often suffers from drought. I might add that seeing the sun come out after long days of rain brings joy to the heart…. “here comes the sun,dooo doo doo dooo it’s allright…”!!

  4. If we return to gunas, rain is essentially snigdha, drava, shita, guru, sara. These gunas also correspond to Kapha gunas so considering Samanya-Vishesha, I would say that rainy weather increases Kapha. Spring is also the time of the year for Kapha to dominate through these weather qualities. However, if temperature remains cold, Kapha should not be aggravated as it needs heat to liquefy and spreading everywhere.

    Looking at Pitta Dosha, the Drava Pitta form with its qualities drava, sara and snigdha can also be increased in rainy weather. But I think it also needs heat to be aggravated.

    Vata is ruksha so rain can decrease it, that’s why spring is normally one season where Vata is not high. However, cold can elevate it, so as alternations of bad and good weathers…

  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for your replies to my invitation to comment on this blog about the effect of rainy weather on the Doshas. The reason I asked it is that you were likely to correctly find that Kapha Dosha increases with rainy, dull, heavy weather. But I was interested to see how many of you took the idea further. I was interested to see how many of you thought about the dual nature of the Doshas (physical and psychological) as well as the interaction between the three Doshas, as well as the added factor of Prakriti.

    My inspiration for posting this blog was to notice that my experience of a prolonged period of rainy weather was that mental frustration and intollerance to people around me built up as I was less comfortably able to get out, move around etc. It was a great example for me on how one causal factor (the rainy days that lead to enforced staying inside the home among several people) can give rise to varried responses in different people, each with their unique constitution.

    The scenario I was in, meant that my normally mobile free-flowing nature was blocked due to the rainy weather, keeping inside in close proximity to others. Because I am a Vata-Pitta Prakriti, which means I have an inate need to express myself through both unfocussed and focussed movement, I was soon aggitated by the continuous lack of freedom to move (causes frustration for both Vata and Pitta). Also, my Pitta nature (a strong part of my mental Prakriti) likes to have ample space and time alone. The more Pitta minds have to spend in close proximity with other minds, the more likely there will be tension. They need more space than Vata or Kapha minds.

    It is interesting to chart the evolution of mental patterns that emerge over the spell of rainy days. The first signs are what you would expect: dullness and heaviness of spirit (the Kapha increasing Gunas of the rainy, dull weather are causing an increase in the Kapha Gunas of my own emotional field). As the situation begins to become chronic, my strong Vata-Pitta nature begins to react to the increased Kapha. You could say that my Kapha Dosha had increased mentally and was bloking or pushing my inately well-developped Vata and Pitta.

    It would have happened differently for a pure Kapha mind. They would go from the initial stages of dull, heavy mindset, only to be followed by increasing levels of the same overal Doshic shade, since their own inate levels of Vata and Pitta are less developped and less likely to become aggressive or dominant in the “pathology”. Though it can happen, and especially with volatile, mobile Vata. Whenever Kapha accumulate, Vata is somewhat disturbed because its ability to move freely in its many specific directions can be restricted. If the restriction becomes strong enough, the Vata is trapped behind accumulated Kapha. Then the Vata gets locally aggravated.

    So, you see, understanding how your Doshas respond to life and wind up in a mess is not as straight forward as you might think. Even after 10 years or more of work in the profession, I am constantly amazed at the potential for diversity (both in health and in disease) that the Ayurvedic vision gives us.

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