Ayurvedic Treatment of Colds and Flu

Treatment for colds and flues (includes swine flu etc.) for adults.

Ayurvedic herbs:

The best thing for flu and fever associated with flu is the classic Ayurvedic formula Mahasudarshana. The best single herb for this is Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia, (Willd.) Miers; Menispermaceae) which works as an immunostimulant and is a pitta reducing herb (lowers fever and infections due to viral or other causes). Mahasudarshana is the classic formula to use when there is fever or flu in Ayurveda. (It can be purchased from Banyan Botanicals in the USA or from EIVS-SHOP in Europe).

The dose is 2 grams (1 level tsp.) 3 X per day taken in warm water with a little honey (if available). If using tablets follow the dose on the bottle.

Alternative or adjunct treatment available in most pharmacies:

1. In France we have access to “oligo-elements” which are liquid preparations of certain metals and minerals. Copper/Gold/Silver combination “Cuive/Or/Argent” can be taken at the maximum recommended dosage (3 phials “ampoules” per day are typical). Take this along with using:

 2. Echinacea sp. Mother tincture: dose of 20-30 drops x3 – x6 per day. This herb works well as an immune-stimulant and the only problem with it is that people do not take it often enough for it to stay in the blood and work on the white blood cells / lymph nodes.

These treatments only work if you take them at the maximum dosage AS SOON AS YOU START TO FEEL ILL. If you wait until that slightly runny nose and ‘off’ feeling has turned into a real cold or flu, then it is too late to stop it in its tracks.

 DIET: Anti-ama, Anti-Kapha diet adjusted according to constitution.

  • All animal and dairy foods should be stopped along with wheat and all sweeteners.
  • Any Ama forming food should be avoided.
  • Eat lightly. Fast if possible (if not too weak), otherwise cooked whole grains and steamed vegetables with spices is perfect.
  • Foods that are helpful: Cabbage, Garlic, Mustard greens, Onions, and Parsnips.

 Hope this helps!


3 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Treatment of Colds and Flu

  1. Hello, can you suggest me how to bring body back to ‘normal’. My hands/feet sweat a little (not too much) and remain cold.

    “Hi, I am 33 years old. 5 years back, I took about 10-12 drops of Black Pepper essential oil in warm water. This somehow changed my body in bad way. My hands and feet started getting chilly cold, especially under temperatures 60F, and on cloudy/rainy days. My body loses weight fast, gains slow. I am vegetarian, simple diet of rice/lentils/breads/some spices such as turmeric (no chillies, no milk/butter/yogurt, no processed foods, no oils). I have to use gloves/blanket to stay warm. Since I am a computer specialist, I have to work before computer monitor for long hours.

    How do I balance my body to normal? –I took Triphala powder (1spoon morning and evening) in warm water (this temporarily helps my body to get warm for 1-2hours after taking). I’ve taken Triphala for 6 months, 2 years back, now restarted it for past 4 months mixed with cinnamon (both in powder form from mountainroseherbs. What herbs can I take to balance my body (their English names will be helpful), and for how many months I have to take?”

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