Music for Relaxation, Yoga, Mantra & Chanting

PurushaI am releasing three new music CDs in MP3 download format (click the links to listen)

  1. Pususha (deep relaxation)
  2. Two Great Mantras (for chanting)
  3. Bhajan Blues (sing along)

These albums will interest you if you are fans of relaxation, yoga and chanting.

The first album “Purusha” – Relaxation & Yoga Music – might be interesting for people who normally turn yellow when they think of space-cadet-yoga-hippy types. This album is a single 60 minute sound-scape that is perfect for creating a calming zenned out vibe. Great for helping get kids to sleep, studying, relaxing, to accompany massages or do yoga to etc. I really reccomend this one. Even my wife likes it which is saying something!

Anyway, I hope you like these offerings and are having a great start to 2012.

All these albums and more can be bought via

Cheers, Alex.


3 thoughts on “Music for Relaxation, Yoga, Mantra & Chanting

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