Wind Over Valley

Just a short note to say that I have unleashed a small acoustic blues-folk album of my own compositions called Wind Over Valley. The album can be purchased and downloaded from Amazon or iTunes. Look under “Alex Andreas Duncan”. If you prefer not to buy it but want to listen to the songs then check out Spotify shortly.

It was a relief to get this project wrapped up as took me about 5 years. It’s incredible how time consuming the whole process is; composing, recording etc. I reckon that at this rate, what takes a professional one year to achieve takes me ten!

The acoustic-blues-folk genre is something of a stranger to me, my normal preference being electric blues. Anyway, for those of you who decide to check it out, I hope you like it. One of the challenges for me was deciding to release these songs at all. I am only truly happy with one or two of them, the others never quite felt fully matured. However, they captured something essential of that five-year window of my life, our move to Gardoussel and the gentleness of having a young family in tow.

A very rare chance (possibly the only chance) to see me perform all of these songs at once is coming up at a small cafe called Tea Potes in local town Anduze on the 25th February at 4 pm. Most of you don’t love nearby so basically ignore this. Also, there are only 12 places available (not comment) so if you do intend to make it, call to reserve well in advance.

Over the last year my musical interests have shifted towards electric-blues-guitar-alternative-pop-fusion which is a lot of fun. I have formed a band called Nylon Dogs aka NYDO with a good friend, Ben Nason (an art photographer). The music is quite experimental (rather, we are still experimenting with our music) and it is early days. But the plan is to release a studio album over the next year or so and look for some opportunities play live at parties or small music festivals. It has taken ten years or so to establish, but the plan is to keep up an average of 2 days a week in the studio (if my part-time work as Ayurveda teacher and co-manager of Gardoussel permits it).

You can check out a couple of demo tracks online on our SoundCloud page.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this message. Wishing you a happy and creative 2012.


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