Vata Season is a coming

View of autumn landscape

People keep subscribing to this blog so I feel I owe it to you to write something new. Here goes:

Vata Dosha will become excited as soon as the colder, changeable weather kicks in. This year in France we are blessed with a long summer. But any day now, the weather is likely to change. When that cold snap comes, Vata Dosha will have to work overtime to help our physiology adapt to the change in temperature, light, etc.

Ayurveda suggests that we stay one step ahead of predictable seasonal changes and take preventative measures several weeks prior to the season change. So if autumn kicks in round about mid October where you live, think about making some Vata balancing changes to your life towards the later part of September.

Here is a “10 step Vata rescue regime” that I created a while back for my own use:

Use this regime for ‘emergency’ situations when there is high Vāta Vikṛti that needs immediate attention (i.e. you are in moderate to severe discomfort and cannot go about your normal daily life).

Symptoms. If you have several or more of these symptoms you probably have an acute or chronic excess of Vāta Doṣa :

Severe abdominal bloating, any moderate to severe pain of recent onset, loss of sensation, recent loss of strength and lack of enthusiasm, shaking & tremors, muscle spasm, bad back, severe constipation, persistent insomnia, emaciation, stricken with fear, grief or worry.

Use of regime. Introduce these tools in the following order. The more you can do the better, but only do what you can comfortably manage with your current energy and constraints. The sooner you can implement this regime the better.

Get help. In addition to this regime, go and see an Āyurvedic educator (or similar health expert) to deal with the specifics of the complaint you are suffering from.


1. Early to bed, early to rise. Go to bed early. 9 pm ideally. Do not read in bed. Set the alarm for 6 – 7 am.
2. Early morning drink. Drink 3 cups of hot water as soon as you get up (warm water if you are Pitta). Go the toilet before breakfast even if the urge is not there. Be patient and do not force.
3. Warm oil massage then a warm shower or bath. Do the Vāta Abhyaṅga (see separate sheet). If you don’t have the energy, try to receive a full body warm oil massage 3 times a week (twice per week is a minimum).
4. Cooked food only. Eat at regular times (15 minutes leniency). Eliminate completely: raw foods, dry foods, cold foods. Best: Porridge for breakfast. Cooked unctuous soups & stews for meals. Mild curries are perfect. A little heavy food each meal is needed (dairy, etc.), not too much in quantity.
5. Hot drinks only. Eliminate completely: cold drinks, coffee. Limit: Tea (1 cup). Red wine (1 glass). Best: Drink 1 litre of fresh ginger root tea (1 tsp per litre) during the day, plus warm water as per thirst.
6. Little or no physical activity. Little or no physical activity is best. Light Yoga OK. Short (15-30) minute walks in nature (not up hill) provided you are protected from cold weather.
7. Afternoon rest. Take a nap (up to 1 hour) between 4-5 pm. If not have a tea 30 minute brake nonetheless.
8. Alternate nostril breathing. 10 minutes twice daily morning and evening.
9. Think and work less. If at all possible reduce your intellectual burden. Ideally take time off work or go away to a quite place where people can look after you (cook for you etc).
10. Bedtime routine. At 8-9 pm stop you daily activities and go somewhere to unwind. Take a warm bath. Put some Lavender essential oil in it (a few drops). Light candles and play relaxing music. Before going to sleep, massage your feet for 5-10 minutes with warm sesame oil.

2 thoughts on “Vata Season is a coming

  1. Hi Alex,

    This is a great synopsis on tips for Vata Season! I’m an Ayurvedic Practitioner and would like to email you about an opportunity to publish your articles online. Would you please email me or direct me to your email so I can forward you a formal request? Thanks!


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