Temperature, Humidity and Speed

Balance your doshas like a sound engineer

I was lying in bed this morning and a thought came to me. It is not a revelation at all, just a very simple way of thinking of balancing our doshas on a daily basis. Our three doshas control our biology and psychology. They can be controlled or kept in check through using these three simple ‘sliders’ (like on a musical mixing desk):

The Temperature Controller

Keep the slider set up high to warm-hot if you are a vata (wind) or kapha (water) type. Make choices every day that influence your experience of temperature. Choose hot drinks and foods and keep your body heat up by wrapping up warm, soaking up sun rays (in the summer of course), take hot showers and baths.

Keep the temperature slider set to warm-cool if you are a pitta (fire) type. Keep it fresh and cool. The main thing is not to overheat, and to eat foods and drinks that are warm or cool (especially in hotter climates). Drink plenty of cool water between meals.

The Humidity Controller

Keep the humidity slider set to maximum if you are a vata type. Make sure that you are getting plenty of fluids to drink (warm and unctuous ones like hot milk with sweat spices). Foods should be unctuous (slightly oily). Keep away from drying environments (air conditioning, drying forms of central heating) or use humidifiers and daily self oil massage and nasal oil or ghee drops to counter their effect.

Keep the humidity set to low for kapha types. Careful not to use oily foods and milky drinks too often. Use mildly diuretic foods and drinks. Seek out lightly dryer environments and steer clear of damp ones.

Pitta types shoot for a middle setting here.

The Speed Controller

For vata types, wind it right down to the slow setting. Your nature dictates that you will incline towards doing everything quickly. Ayurveda wants you to slow down to prevent your light-nimble body from incurring undue wear and tear. Use your agility for when you really need to flaunt it. Otherwise slow down. Making this a deep-down choice will have a lasting and outstanding effect on your health and happiness.

Pitta types also need to wind down the speed knob. Not so much as vata, but like vata, they are also light and tend towards over-activity.

Kapha types can keep the speed knob set to a higher level. They should aim to partake in daily bouts of intense activity (such as sport) that can be seen as a speed thing. Otherwise, we should note that modern life is probably on the whole more speedy that it ever was and could do with being wound down a notch or two.


To sum up. Every day, stop from time to time and ask yourself “is this mix right for my type”:

Vata mix – hot, humid and slow

Pitta mix – cool, not-so-humid and slow

Kapha mix – hot dry and moving

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