8 thoughts on “What should I blog on next?

  1. Alex, if you feel it is applicable, could you give attention to the therapeutic effects of herbs that ayurveda would hold in high esteem, that would be useful and ready available in europe? i am assuming that turmeric and ginger would be at top?

  2. Don’t know what you should blog on next Alex, but I have been inspired to read a few books about Ayurveda as a result of your blog. We are arriving at Garrdoussel on Sat 31 July-will the internet radio work there? It didn’t last year, but wondered if you had updated the wifi… See you soon.
    Regards Pamela and Andy

  3. Hi Alex

    Enjoying your blogs – appreciate if you can include from time to time some recipes. Many thanks

  4. Hi Alex….thanks for such a great blog…. really inspiring! I had a more specific question…. what is your view on Vata types eating dry fruit? What about if they have constipation and for example consume dry fruit such as prunes to help regulate bowel function. Is there a better way for Vatas? Thanks for any advice

    • Dan, I am glad you like this blog. Some dried fruits do have a laxative effect and can be used by vata judiciously providing that they are taken is small amounts, chewed thoroughly and, ideally, soaked for some time beforehand in water. I am a vata-pitta type and find that if I chew thoroughly twice daily between meals 1 tablespoon of dry raisins and 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds, mixed together, I tend to have a smoother elimination. It is important to do this away from meals, and to over-chew the mixture so that it is totally pulverised! Hope this helps. Alex.

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