Fruit and Meals

It is best to avoid eating fruit as part of a meal, or after meals. Best is to eat fruit about 30 minutes before meals. This is not just ayurvedic mumbo jumbo. The advice comes from a number of schools of thought. Anyway, I thought I would mention that often, when I suggest to people that they eat 1-2 pieces of fruit for breakfast, they ask “how can I do that if I am going to avoid eating fruit with meals”. Here is one answer:

1. Eat 1-2 pieces of fruit

2. Spend 15 – 20 minutes preparing your lunch or diner (like a one-pot meal, or a sandwich)

3. Eat the rest of your breakfast (toast, cereal etc.)

By doing this you will avoid much gas and bloating, reduce toxins building up, and support your digestion.

Alex, France.

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