Early to bed, early to rise – part 5

At last, after our 4th night, I sleep like a log. No one wakes up, and, I felt totally refreshed. I got to sleep at 11 pm and woke naturally at about 6am. One more night to go…

3 thoughts on “Early to bed, early to rise – part 5

  1. Go Alex Go! am delighted for the amazing effort you and sharon are making for your girls ….what a fantastic gift to give them, the most direct route to Prana.

    • Dear Cherry,

      I visited the ayurvedic cooking website and found that all the recipes I sampled had absolutely no ayurvedic notes with them, i.e they are not ayurvedic recipes, they are Indian recipes. Unless a recipe at least indicates the effects of the recipe on the doshas, it cannot be said to be ayurvedic.

      Anyone reading this blog should be warned in advance that many so called ayurvedic centres and trainings are shallow and overly motivated by making money rather than doing service to humanity. Unless you can convince me otherwise, I consider the Art of Living less than ideal for the pursuit of ayurvedic knowledge.

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