Early to bed, early to rise – part 3

We have survived our second night of going to bed when it gets dark and waking when we feel like it. Not without second helping of drama. I slept pretty bad really. We got to lights off (yes – we succumbed to reading for 10 minutes with a light on) by 10:30 pm. Skye was upset that her kitten, Tips, was still missing after 16 hours. We had all prepared for the worst, and Skye had gone to sleep in a quiet sadness. Sharon, the late night reader dropped off next, then I finally fell asleep some time near 11pm.

12:30 pm: Gaia woke me up, “Daddy, I need the toilet”. All the lights were off so I accompanied her to the loo.

2:00 am: Gaia woke me up coughing. Notice that Sharon and Skye are both still fast asleep. Sharon is a deep sleeper and Skye, who is normally a light sleeper like me, must have been so emotionally drained. I went through to the kitchen and prepared Gaia 500mg of ayurvedic “mahasudarshan powder” which is great for coughs, and a cup of lemon and honey. She reluctantly slugged them back, then went to sleep on the sofa in the lounge where the air was less humid and I could get here lying on a slope.

I noticed a noise coming from the kitchen, could it be?… YEAH! it was Tips! No way! I carried her through to Skye, slipping her under the duvet. I Woke Skye and said “Look what I found”. Skye bounced up from her deep sleep and cried “Tips!” at the top of her lungs. Sharon woke up, I crawled into bed, and after much tossing and turning, finally got a good sleep through to about 7 am.

8:00 am: We are all wide awake, bushy tailed, and ready for another sunny day. We’ll spend the morning in the office and the afternoon down by the river and the pool. Yuppie!

More news tomorrow.

Alex, France.

2 thoughts on “Early to bed, early to rise – part 3

  1. Honey, we ALL reluctantly slug your stuff back. Fortunately for most people it seems to work – Gaia’s cough stuttered to a halt shortly afterwards knocking back some silty mix, others seem to benefit – but my hormone-spots are still there despite 4 weeks of unpleasant concoctions placed, still bubbling, in my clutch, thrice-daily. Am I immune to Ayurveda? Is there a name for this condition? Do you have a remedy for it?


    • Hormone imbalance, if it is the cause, can take 3-6 months of treatment before lasting changes are felt. Be patient and give it up to 3 months. Then, if no luck, it means the cause was perhaps Ama (toxins) not hormones.

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