Early to bed, early to rise – part 2

Well, we all survived our first night of the experiment to sleep like animals that sleep when the sun goes down (see the previous blog entry). But like most things in life, it didn’t go quite as planned.

10 pm: we all snuggle up into our respective beds, mosquito nets secured, all lights turned off. It’s dark outside; stars are appearing; so far so good.

10:05 pm: Skye turns on the light, planning to read. Mum asks her to turn it off. Skye complains “what will I do”; I say “count sheep”, and then proceed to explain how to count sheep. She decided to count cows, no, horses, jumping over a fence. Mum contributes “I’m counting snails”.

10:10 pm: I am feeling the pleasant heaviness of sleep creeping up on me. Unlike Sharon, I tend to be the lighter sleeper, and take longer getting to sleep. I am particularly sensitive at the moment of opportunity, which lasts only a few minutes. If something happens to disturb me during that sleep-onset zone, I quickly become aroused, fully alert, and miss the boat. It then takes between 1-2 hours until my next sleepy zone comes along.

10:15 pm: Skye, having failed to count horses, asks for something soothing to help her go to sleep “can you guys tell us some ghost stories”. Sharon, who normally reads until about midnight or 1 am appears to be sinking quickly into a doze, but somehow manages to squeeze out a ghost story kind of joke thing.

10:20 pm: Rather that acting as a sedative (duh!), this just sets up Skye for more. “Tell us another one”, she says. “Dad, tell us a ghost story”. “I don’t know any”. Sharon, god knows how she does it, manages to invent a 10 minutes epic homebrew version of ‘willow the wisp’ which is so good, it pulls me right out of my sleep-zone into full alertness.

10:30 pm: After Willow the Wisp, Skye tries her luck, “Dad, please can you tell us a ghost story”. I succumb, and proceed to tell the most epic imaginary story since we lived in our old house and the girls used to go to sleep to one of the ‘Moxie and Moanie’ stories I managed to invent. I was kind of hoping those days were past me. Anyway, as I was telling this ghost story, based half on truth, and half on fiction, I completely lost any chance of going anywhere remotely close to Sleepville, so decided to go the whole hog.

10:50 pm: “….The end”. Then a pause, then Skye pipes up, “Daddy, …. I’m scared… is it really a true story?”. I hold out for 3 minutes, insisting that it was true, until Sharon whispers into my ear “Really?”. I decide to give in, “No, Skye, it is made up. You can rest assured that there are no such things as ghosts, or if they are, they are more likely to be due to some quirky brain chemistry than anything else. Now please, go to sleep”.

11:00 pm: At last, silence, all but for the hum coming from inside my own head. Super-alert, I was waiting for the next sleep-boat, due sometime in the next couple of hours.

12:00 pm: I guess I dropped off some time round midnight. I slept fitfully, maybe my sleep-senses new that something odd was going on outside. That night, we had given our family of cats their regular anti-flee treatment and decided to keep them outside; the two kittens included.

5:00 am: Stirring with the morning light and the sound of the cockerel, I woke to the distinct feeling that I needed to stay in bed. It was not a deep sleep.

8:00 am: We all get up, the sun is out and, Sharon has had a great sleep. Like me, she had woke around 5-6 am then drifted until 8. She said she had slept really well, but had had some bad dreams.

8:15 am: Something’s up, the kittens are gone! We looked everywhere for them, high and low and no sign of them. They are about 3 months old and still quite small. Skye was pretty upset, she has already lost 3 cats in her 10 years of life and this would be her 4th. I really hope nothing has come of them.

2:45 pm: As I am writing this blog, down by the pool, Gaia (7 years old) cries down to us, “Hey, we’ve found Sushi, but not Tips”. Wow, one kitten found. I hope Tips is next. But I am kind of scared that she might have been got by a bird of prey, or a fox, and that Sushi panicked and ran off to hide.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Sorry if this is dead boring non-ayurvedic fly-on-the-wall soap-opera sort of thing. I’ll touch base with you tomorrow and let you know the news.

Alex, France.

One thought on “Early to bed, early to rise – part 2

  1. I like your experiment Alex, it is really a good idea.
    Thanks for sharing. I wish you all good nights and sweet dreams!

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