Is this blog holier-than-thou?

I heard through the grape vine that this blog may come across as being “holier-than-thou” at times. Being half-illiterate (as you will have noticed – my spelling awful), I had to look it up for the meaning just to be sure:

Exhibiting an attitude of superior virtue; self-righteously pious.

Excessively or hypocritically pious

Sanctimonious or self-righteous to an annoying degree; priggish

For example, the blog about overeating (link to blog entry) and about loyalty and doubt (link to blog entry).

On re-reading these two blog entries, I have to say that I did cringe on occasion. I don’t wish to defend the comment about the tone of these entries; I agree.

My purpose for writing these blogs is to share reflections on life in relation to my understanding of Ayurveda. Doing so helps me to make improvements to that understanding. Your comments help me to do that so please feel free to comment publicly on the these blog entries. Hopefully, for anyone interested in Ayurveda who reads these blogs, it might help them to see things from an Ayurvedic point of view.

I am far from perfect and accept that those imperfections are part of the nature of things. I know I can come across as being arrogant, naive and immature at times. When people are so kind as to point it out, it helps.

I guess in those blogs, I was venting. But at the same time, trying to expose my own faults and understand them from an Ayurvedic perspective. Ayurveda explains that faults are natural and to accept them, but that change is possible if effort is made. Thanks for helping me in that respect.

Cheers, Alex.


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