All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

It’s official. Y’all are workin’ too hard. According to a recent news article, people are working too hard and skipping lunch in order to keep up at the office:

One in four people are putting their health at risk by regularly working all day without taking a break, a new report has warned.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) said long hours, working while ill or stressed and lack of exercise posed “serious risks” to health and could lead to huge costs for employers.

A survey of over 2,600 adults showed that one in four did not have a break for lunch, mainly because they had too much work to do or there were too few staff in their organisation to cover workloads.

Read the full news article.

Ayurvedically speaking this is bad news for your Doshas. Overwork generally increases Vata and Pitta Doshas, which eventually leads to burnout where Ojas (immunity) is depleted leaving our tissues and vital organs weak and susceptible to disease.

Signs of aggravated Vata include: Loss of structure to tissues (emaciation, low bone density, etc.), anaemic pallor, desire for warmth, trembling and nervous disorders, bloating, constipation, poor endurance, insomnia, sensory dysfunction and weakness, hyperactivity and hypersensitivity, light-headedness and dizziness (especially when standing up), loss of courage and enthusiasm for life, dryness in the mouth. Emotions like anxiety and fear come with this deal!

Signs of aggravated Pitta include: always hungry, excessively thirsty, burning sensations, sleep difficulties (hot and bothered), desire for cool and refreshing things, fainting-dizziness, yellowish stool, urine, eyes, and skin; bitter or sour taste in your mouth, all kinds of inflammatory complaints. Emotions like frustration and anger come with the package!

Skipping lunch is a double-whammy for these two ‘light’ Doshas, both of which depend on regular sustenance in the form of regular meals. Skipping lunch or rushing down a fast gap-filler will disrupt your Vata Dosha in the first degree. Your digestive fire (enzyme function) will become more and more erratic. Chronic indigestion, bloating, erratic elimination will ensue. Neglected this turns into stubborn constipation or alternating constipation and loose stools. Chronic gut troubles are likely to install themselves in your intestines and before you know it you are searching the internet for things like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Candida Infection, Food allergies and the like.

So, what to do? Stop it! Stop working non-stop. Stop and eat. Stop and breathe. Stop and ask yourself what the hell you are doing. Get a life. And when you get home from work – do something that relaxes you so you don’t offload all the tension you have built up onto your family. Do a ‘yoga nidra – deep relaxation’ or something like that.

Remember: haste makes waste! Slow down and chill out. Everyone is so het up about saving the planet and the environment. Start by saving your own internal environment from the ravages of a wasteful lifestyle. Do less. Work less. Slow down.

Alex, France.


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