Health warning over ash particles from volcano erruption

Health advice has been issued as ash from the volcanic eruption in Iceland fell towards the ground in some parts of the UK. Particles were expected to reach ground level in Scotland first before moving south during the night. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) said the ash should not cause serious harm but could cause irritation, particularly to those with respiratory conditions*.

To prevent consequences of irritation to your breathing passages, lungs and eyes, use these simple preventative / protective ayurvedic treatments:

  • Do not go outside – or limit time spent outside.
  • Smear Ghee, oil, or Vaseline into your nostrils 5 times a day – this protects mucus membrane and catches some airborne particles from entering lungs.
  • Use Jala Neti – saline wash – twice daily to flush pollutants from sinuses e.g.
  • Take a shower, wash your head and hair especially, once you return inside to wash off ash pollution.
  • Drink several strong cups of stinging nettle tea to reduce potential allergic reaction and inflammation.

This advice will work also for all forms of airborne particulate pollution such as pollen allergies.

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Cheers, Alex.