New Ayurveda Answers Blog

Alex & Vaidya Atreya Smith are pleased to have created a new Ayurveda Blog where we will post the answers to many commonly asked Ayurveda questions:

2 thoughts on “New Ayurveda Answers Blog

  1. Hiya, it’s good to see this blog. I’d like to see something on this about ghee. I make and use ghee, but recently read several differing things about whether or not it is OK for someone who has high blood pressure. And, then there is the whole question of cholesterol. Thanks, Annette

    • Ghee in very low quantities is good for HBP in a Pitta type person as it lowers Pitta. Use 1/4 – 1/2 tsp per meal maximum. Many Ayurvedic recipe books and teachers might be advising overuse of Ghee. If you also have excess weight and cholesterol, it is better to consider a very low fat diet and that includes Ghee. In Ayurvedic medicine medicated Ghee is used control pathology.

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